To say I had a challenging life growing up is an understatement. But I was able to cope because my mom was my rock. 

When I was 24, she passed and my world collapsed. I had absolutely no coping skills. I don't even think I knew what a coping skill was, but what I did have was an honours degree in Psychology - which luckily turned out to be a strong foundation leading me to a lifetime seeking wellness.

Since then, I have been doing everything and anything to help navigate life - swimming, running, cycling, yoga, meditation, reading, mindfulness, eating healthy, spirituality, self-care... you get the point. 

All have helped, but one path has significantly made a difference because it touches me every single moment of every single day - designing my home to empower self-care. 

But it's not just self-care. I needed to trigger the sense of being where I felt most at ease. There is one place that has always allowed me to breathe a bit easier, feel a bit lighter and experience pure joy - that is the coast.

So, in combination with self care, I have used the coast to inspire my home design to promote wellness.

I want to help bring wellness to all who seek it... so my mission is to inspire people around the world to design their home for wellness.

"Home design affects well-being

every single moment of

every single day..."

In memory of those that I love who have passed, including my precious soul companion, Roarie.