Each family is unique and has different functional and self care needs. We learn and understand your needs and give you ideas and direction on how to transform your space to support your well-being.


Interior Design

We use our design philosophy & collaborate with you to create a mood board that will steer all the design selections for your home. This will ensure a space to foster wellness for you and your family.


Exterior Design

We work with you to make your property in keeping with Coastal Life Home's philosophy. Creating containers, landscape design or execution.

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Planning for your well-being begins before you even contact the architect. Like plans for light to combat winters, balancing the 4-elements and your self-care. Inside and out. 

We help you plan, brief and work with the architect. 

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We collaborate to select finishes, like flooring, tiles, and stonework inside and out, to ensure that it optimizes your wellness and it's everything that you love.

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We plan and select lighting that keeps you bright during the darkest days and lights up your self-care appropriately.... like soft lighting for meditation or brighter lighting for reading in your favourite cozy chair by the fire. 

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We will use the mood board to select furniture and items to make it cozy and functional that meets your individual and whole families' needs, for tasks and self-care.


We use our tried and tested trades people. All projects are planned, materials ordered and items executed seamlessly and on time. 20+ yrs of project management has prepared us to foresee issues, communicate across the team and be solutions focussed to navigate issues.