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Water. A multi-part series integrating water into design for wellness.

It seems like we are living in a relentless storm that's propelling us into physical and mental states of stress, fear and tension. Self care is becoming increasingly important to navigate what's happening in the world.

We need to free ourselves... give ourselves a rest... give our brain a rest. Water does just that.

The sound of water is simpler than other sounds - like voices. The site of water is simpler than other spaces - like where you are sitting. When sensory input is simplified, it gives your mind and nervous system a much needed break.

In fact, the mere sight and sound of water - ocean's, lakes, rivers, streams, fountains, pools and even showers - promote wellness, increase blood flow to the brain and heart and induce relaxation. Even just looking at images of water makes people feel calmer.

Water has proven to be a strong means to achieve wellness and can easily be integrated into your home, inside and out. So in the first week of our water series, we'll feature outdoor showers - which, to all of our senses, embodies the essence of a waterfall.

My favourite outdoor shower shows a lot of personality - it reflects the owner's fun and whimsy and integrates coastal elements nicely into the space.

I absolutely love when your favourite things can be re purposed!

Not exactly outside... and not exactly a shower... but with these views, it might as well be outside and with that shower fixture, it's better than a shower.

I think it's the best of both worlds.

Cool ocean green water, sun bleached whites, beach stones, running water and the bounty of nature surrounding them with thriving plants. It's reminiscent of the Amalfi Coast.

When I think of coastal showers, this is what I think of... inspired by the east coast. The white paneling mimics shiplap and its horizontal orientation allows the owner to maintain a view of the best of what nature offers. I particularly like how their gold shower fixtures are seamless with the natural wood tones in the shower floor.

Opening a shower to the outdoors seems practical when you live in Canada. Best of both worlds. Closed in the winter, open in the summer while still maintaining beautiful views to the outdoors. I think I would have it open during snowy winter days... hot shower.. cool air... as refreshing as standing under a cold waterfall.

Large windows, running from one corner of the room to the other makes the room appear quite grand. The dark windows and beam frame the view making it seem like artwork... mother nature's artwork.

Another shower opening to the outdoors brings life inside. The green, black and white contrast nicely so that room appears quite crisp and refreshing, like a waterfall.

A west coast inspired outdoor shower with the darker colours of their beaches reflected in the walls and floor stones.

Another East coast inspired shower with a vertical wall board orientation rather than horizontal shiplap. Horizontal boards make spaces appear larger, while the vertical orientation focuses attention on the height and draws the eye up.


inspired by the coast

Sources of Information:

Michael Depledge, University of Exeter medical school; Mat White, Environmental Psychologist ; Wallace Nichols, author of the 2014 book Blue Mind.

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