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The Water Series - promote well-being by integrating water into your home.

It is increasingly difficult to shut out what's going on in the world today. Yet it's integral to our well-being. There are numerous self-care practices that assist you like exercise, meditation, journaling or art and music. But what's not talked about that often is designing your home for self-care. Particularly, integrating water into the design of your home.

Water is healing.

Water has been proven to offset the stresses of living & working in the stresses of today's world. The mere sight & sound of water can induce a meditative state flooding your brain with neurochemicals that promote wellness, increase blood flow to the brain & heart and induce relaxing.

Water inspires compassion and connection.

Water evokes the emotion of connection to something beyond oneself. This moves one from a 'me' to a 'we' mentality, increasing not only your connection to others, but your empathy.

Water promotes creativity.

The sound of water is a steady stream of blue noise which switches your brain into a different mode, a more restful mode, which allows you to make new and unusual connections... enhancing your creativity. I always thought the shower was my most creative space.

With so many benefits, it's no wonder why we are drawn to water and it's no wonder why it's so beneficial to incorporate it into your home.

So far in the Water Series, we have featured the integration of water into the backyard through showers and pools inspired by the east, west and mediterranean coast. If you haven't seen them, go check them out. This journal entry features other ways to incorporate water into your space. Wallace Nichols, Blue Mind

Credit: Alka Pool

Running water

is particularly effective because it creates blue noise and reduces all other stimulation. In this home, water is the hero being featured in the middle of their space allowing the owner to hear it throughout their backyard.

Credit: HGTV

Plan for running water in your initial home design or redesign - it reduces maintenance and increase backyard appeal.

Water is easier to incorporate into the design of your home if it's considered while your architect is creating the working drawings.

Credit: Landscape Design Pros

Water under foot

helps immerse the owner in the 'water' experience, as well, it delineate areas throughout your outdoor space. Credit Lola Dee

This is a subtle complement to an outdoor space or it can be used to frame or delineate spaces while adding the subtle sounds of flowing water.

Credit: The Artful Gardener

Bath tubs?

If you don't have the money or the time to maintain a hot tub, bring your bathtub outdoors. You can run plumbing to your tub or just a garden hose. Cold baths not only reduce inflammation but can also help your central nervous system by aiding in sleep, and consequently, making you feel better from having less fatigue. Healthline

Credit: Domino

Zero Chemicals? Really?

A natural swimming pool uses biological filtration technology, that mimics the human body by utilizing bacteria and microbes to stay clean - clean enough to drink.

These pools can be heated to 30C, covered when not in use and can be built indoors. They also are less work and maintenance... music to my ears. Elemental Green

Credit: Apartment Therapy

Splish Splash

I could use this now in our 40+ Celsius weather. Adding a splash pad is a great way to add some cool if you don't have the money, time or space for a pool. I love how the different sizes and textures of stone complement one another.

Credit: My Splash Pad

Bird Baths

Draw life into your backyard by incorporating a bird bath into your home design. A white bath not only ties into the backyard design but it will allow the bird's colour to pop so you can appreciate the wonder of nature.

Credit: Sugar and Charm

More pools...

Even though three of our journal entries in The Water Series were dedicated to pools... I just had to include them. Not only because I absolutely love pools and really want one, but because I am a firm believer in their healing properties... see my previous journal entries for more.

Credit: The Spruce

And the final inspiration in The Outdoor Water Series is one of my favourites - an infinity pool with views of the ocean which mesmerize and create feelings of awe.

Credit: Whimsical Home and Garden


inspired by the coast

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