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The outdoor water series - integrating water into your home design to promote well-being.

Water removes a lot of visual and auditory stimulation and creates a steady stream of blue noise. This not only washes a feeling of calm and peace across you, it allows our minds to switch into a mode of daydreaming, imagination, insight and introspection. When your brain is in a more restful state, you're able to make those new or unusual connections, and it's when you are at your most creative.

Not everyone has daily access to the coast, so integrating water and coastal elements into the design of your home will simulate the coast and trigger the same emotional and creative benefits.

Although I lean in towards east coast design, we feature inspiration from all coasts. Our mission is to bring wellness through home design - by triggering the same emotions generated by the coast - tranquility, wonder and peace - right in your own home. We believe that any coast can do that.

So far in the Water Series we have featured inspiration from North America's east coast and west coast. Today you'll find inspiration from the mediterranean coast - like the photo above from Zakynthos, Greece. Wallace Nichols, Blue Mind

Credit: Global Grasshopper

Coastal elements of the Mediterranean.

There's so many things to love about this. The infinity pool blending seamlessly with the ocean. The white fabrics and driftwood coloured furniture. And the seating entering the cool cave... what a refreshing spot to hang out or read on a hot summer day.

Neutral colours, simplicity and nature's textures, like stone, are all coastal design elements. The Mediterranean tends to use more white on white - white materials with white accents. All of the materials, including the stone, also seem more white... sun-bleached.

Credit: Travelplusstyle

Why White?

White reflects the sun and keeps homes cooler in Greece - a colour optimal for the scorching sunny days that we've experienced so far this summer.

The colour white also affects the mind and body in may ways: it aids in mental clarity, promotes feelings of fresh beginnings and renewal, assists in cleansing, clears obstacles and clutter, fosters growth and creativity, offers a sense of peace, calm, comfort and hope, and helping alleviate emotional upsets. It's such a great colour if you need to declutter your life. Empowered by Colour, Empower yourself with colour psychology.

Credit: Diane Popescu

Plan with nature

The mediterranean is known for its ability to use what nature has provided them. If you look along their mountain sides, especially along the ocean. you'll see them maximizing space and views building from the bottom up.

Credit: Mademoiselle Vuitton

Infinity edge pool and hot tub built into bedrock have similar wellness benefits to natural hot springs - like the springs that are found in Saturnia Tuscany.

Credit: Jay M

This pool was built into limestone. There has been a rise in the popularity of mineral pools greatly due to the therapeutic benefits that comes with soaking in the water. Mineral pools have been found to help improve circulation, alleviate pain, relieve stress, as well, it's gentler on your skin and eyes, especially among children. Eco Outdoor

Credit: Imgur

Plan around nature

As I sit in my reading room that's cornered with two very large windows, I am reminded how important it is to understand what's living just outside your doors so that you can bring nature in with a strong window and door design. I get afternoon sun which makes its way through two century old trees. They cast dancing lights and shadows on my walls. I am also blessed with the view of these two trees. It can be truly mesmerizing watching the wind sway its leaves.

The same is true for the placement of outdoor structures, like this pool, where they planned for spectacular views of the mountain among the clouds.

Credit: Unknown

Simulate Nature

This pool in Greece was built in a concrete cave, providing privacy, coolness and an escape from a relentless sun.

Credit: Popsugar


inspired by the coast

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