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The Outdoor Water Series - integrating water into your home design to promote self-care.

Nantucket. One of my favourite places in this world. The coast is a refuge for me and many others. If we are lucky, we get to visit for long stretches at a time, luckier if we live close to it.

I am in awe of the coast.

When I'm close to, on or in the water, I feel part of the greater universe. I am more connected to myself, the earth and whomever I'm with. The more connected I feel, the more joyful, peaceful and calm I am.

It's no surprise, then, that many are drawn to the coast. The dazzling connection to nature is coupled with the stimulation of senses - sounds of waves washing up on the shore, smells of salt air, the cold water prickling your skin and the spectrum of colours visible in the distance. It's possible to integrate water, colour, texture into your home to replicate these sensations and trigger the same emotions. That's our goal. To bring the same emotions of wonder and peace to people every single moment of every single day - right in their own home.

It may not be waves washing up on the shore but the sun casts shimmering light on the water making the pool mesmerizing. Light ocean blues are replicated when light reflects off the pool tile and the sand is mimicked in the concrete and deck surfaces at this pool in the Mediterranean.

The colours used for this pool in Australia are lighter - white walls and a blue bottom replicate the Caribbean's white sands and crystal blue water.

An infinity pool in South Africa is designed to allow the owner to gaze at the pool that appears to be merging as one with the ocean.

I often hear... "my backyard is too small for a pool". Here in Australia, the owner's have a different idea of what is "too small" and have used their space wisely, placing their small pool at the side of their house. It looks like it would make a spectacular lap pool.

The owner integrated the colours of the coast - whites, light browns and greens, into this design.

Incorporate features into your pool design, like this hammock over a pool in the Maldives, so that you can exploit all of water's meditative qualities to the fullest.

A white bottom and white walls make this pool feel like it's part of the Carribean. Light coloured woods are used for furniture simulating drift wood.

Glancing quickly at this pool in Thailand, can you tell where the pool ends and the ocean begins?

Streaming water into this pool in Indonesia simulates a small stream running into the ocean and triggers calm and peace. Stones surround the outside of the pool simulating the textures of a beach.

Home owners are using shipping containers not only for homes, but for pools. The biggest advantage that a shipping container has is that it can cost less than most swimming pools and can be both above or below ground. They can also be modified to have built in steps, a deck area and a water filtration system.

The east coast - Florida, with it's midnight blue ocean inspire dark bottom pools, have a look below.

When people try to replicate the midnight blues of the ocean, or really any colour of the ocean, it's important to consider the impact of water and natural light through the day and through all the seasons the pool is open. Colours can take on a completely different look and feel depending on the light.

I find myself drifting in and out of the sun - leaning towards shade with the growing intensity of the sun and its affects. These loungers, with a built in canopy, create a vacation like atmosphere while shading you from the sun so that you can always be close to the water's calming affect.


inspired by the coast

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