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Self care throughout your home - even your backyard.

After 3 days of being symptom free, I ended my isolation on day 30. My daughter and I took our first drive in the car to the Starbuck's drive-through to get her a little treat. On our drive I was reminded that Spring is finally here and the days are warming up - tulips are blooming - leaves are budding - nature is inviting us outside to breathe in the fresher air.

Spring opens up an abundance of opportunities to practice self care, improve mental and physical health, a well, boost our immunity. And one of those opportunities is right outside our door and in our own backyard.

Coastal Life believes that a better outer environment fosters a better inner environment. Being at the Coast brings peace to many, so our mission is to provide you with design ideas to surround you with the coast, including your backyard, ultimately to bring you peace. Read on to find out how.

Image: Mind Body Green

Design spaces for meditation, stillness or just some quiet. Simplicity is key. Bring together a meditation mat, pillow, and curtains if needed, to block out the hot sun. All in sun bleached whites to bring you some calm.

Image: Well and Good

These spaces for 'stillness' can be temporary or permanent. This gazebo can serve as a space for yoga or meditation in the morning. Put a chair in during the day to read a good book. Then at night, move a small table in for a romantic dinner.

Image: Garden Journal

Spaces can serve multiple functions without changing the design. A quiet area for mom to read can turn into a play house for your daughter and her dolls.

Image: Brit + Co

A swinging bench on the porch can provide you with a quiet and tucked away space to lie and read while still keeping you in the visual proximity of your family.

Nautical Rope used for docking boats and the sun bleached whites bring in key elements of the water and the coast.

Image: Domakover

A tree-to-tree hammock is another approach to quiet reading or perhaps some naps on sunny afternoons.

Blues are reminiscent of the Ocean, and the comfortable style brings relaxed beach living to your backyard.

Image: Ballard Design

Putting a swinging couch under a covered porch lets you appreciate nature even on dreary rainy days. And the fan above cools you down on even the hottest days. Every scenario is covered so you can reap the benefits of some quiet time.

Image: Hoomcode

The materials used in this outdoor room are all reminiscent of the coast. Natural wood reminds us of driftwood. Armour stone brings memories of an ocean break wall. A fire pit can make you feel like you're having a fire on the beach. And the Adirondack seating is traditionally seen on boat docks.

Image: Beach Pretty

Another take on a beach fire is surrounding the fire bowl with beach stone... and the beach stone with the deck. The design resembles a boardwalk along a beach.

Image: Hunter

If you don't want to buy a fire bowl, make one with flag stone. This stone is similar to an ocean breakwall. They have also tied in the coast using bright ocean blues in the Adirondack chairs and Dock Posts using tree stumps. Image: Mackenzie Backyard Journal

This is a DIY project that I found. The materials used look like beach stone found right off the shore.


Here the stone water feature is surrounded with beach stone. I love how the ferns are integrated into the design bringing life and a bit of colour to the area.

Image: Cascade Stoneworks

This backyard deck pretty much has it all. A hammock in the back for a good read. Seating and a coffee table to socialize. Lights on the trees to extend conversation into the wee hours. And what looks to be two blown up air mattresses covered in fitted sheets along with blankets and pillows for added comfort during a late night movie screening.

Image: One Kind Design


inspired by the coast

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