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Outdoor escapes, Coastal dreaming through Winter.

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

I get impatient for Spring when we have one or two nice days, then it's cold again. People in Collingwood have already predicted that we've had our last Winter blast, but it's only March... and we live in Canada... so I really don't think that's likely.

Some of us are aware of the things that bring us peace and wellness, even through Winter blues. Whether it's forests, beaches, waterfalls, music, art... this list is infinite and unique to each of us. For me it's the Coast. I'm always exploring new ways to use the Coast to bring balance to my life and the lives of others. I focus on homes because it's where we spend a lot of time and what we surround ourselves with affects our well being.

In this four part series, I'm sharing my favourite coastal homes. This article curates outdoor spaces inspired by elements or experiences in life that calm and bring us wellness. I hope that you, like me, get a sense of calm and peace, as well, enjoy just a little escape from the winter.

I would love, love, love, to create a space like this in my own backyard. Comfortable, bright, and right in the middle of my favourite place - the beach. I love Canada, but this is impossible living next door to Georgian Bay where weather can change in a matter of minutes. Instead, I try to mimic spaces like this as best as I can to create a similar escape that evokes the same feelings.

Image: Puffino Mx

Here, these owners created a space that would allow them to read, entertain, cuddle up with a loved one or just sit alone in peace to enjoy the sounds and sites that go hand in hand with water.

This image transports me to a tropical resort. Aqua waters that resemble the ocean, a white chaise lounger and umbrella denote luxury, and a brown wood deck grounds me to the earth. The only thing that's really missing is a tropical juice with a big piece of pineapple as garnish.

Image: Bali Interiors

Bright whites are reminiscent of sun, sand, and clear skis. The wood colours are reminiscent of beach drift wood. The lamp shade, right, mimics a Tiki Hut. And plants breathe life into all spaces. Each and every element has a purpose, to mimic a scene or a place that brings peace.

Image: Uniqwa Collections

Photographs, like this one on the left, inspire me to create soothing spaces to be alone to think, day dream or meditate. Or, to share a little time out of the day with someone that we love, in silence, or in conversation. Image: Ciao Newport Beach

When I plan homes, I keep two things in mind - how can the space bring joy and function to the owner and how can I turn the space into a retreat escaping the chaos of the outside world? Regardless of whether it's a kitchen, gym, study, family room, bedroom or deck... spaces should bring calm and joy.

Image: Willows Home Traders

A coastal setting in a non coastal backdrop still brings tranquility.

Image: Uniqwa Collections

Instead of being reminded of white sands and clear skies, the fabrics remind of sand and blue skies from my home, Georgian Bay. We are all unique, and every little detail counts when creating surroundings to help you escape. Bring in what brings you wellness.

Image: My Domain


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