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Home design to brighten winter blues, part 2 of 3.

The dark grey of winter never seems to end. There's no denying that winter affects our mood. So how do we ever get through this season unscathed?

The coast rescues me from dreary days, noise and overstimulation. Sun and sand might not be on your doorstep right now, but you can create a home that surrounds you with the best of the coast.

This article is the second of a three-part series where we use elements of coastal design to brighten up winter blues. The first used natural light and nature. But winter days are short, and snowfall is plenty, so we can't always rely on an abundance of natural light. That's why this article talks about how lighting can brighten things up.

Bathe the kitchen with light.

Pot lights provide ambient light. Three pendants provide task lighting. Together, they bathe the kitchen with brightness.

Brighten up under counter tasks.

Undercounter lighting will brighten tasks, but they also provide a peaceful backdrop to the main room of your home. Turn on the under counter lighting to slowly wake up in the morning or in the evening to turn down slowly. Dimmers will also help you relax - use them with your internal sleep clock.

Lighten up your mornings with that special someone.

Brighten up life's best moments.

Special moments seem brighter with task lighting. Three pendants brighten up this 9-foot island.

Add DRAMA to rooms where you need a lift.

Lighting can add drama, brightening your mood in places where you need a lift, like the bathroom or laundry room.

Pot lights to highlight your favourite places.

Add spot pot lights in areas that you'd like to feature. The homeowner loves this fireplace and wanted to draw attention to it.

Scale your lighting

Scale dining room lighting by the size and shape of your dinner table to maximize brightness.

On the right, chrome lighting is hung above the table. The chrome blends into the backdrop making the table the focal point of the room. You also get a clear line of sight to the beautiful view.

Photograph from TrendUHome.

If a dark fixture was chosen, like the one below, the fixture becomes a focal point, not the view.

Photograph from Birchlane.


inspired by the coast.

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