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Design ideas to bring wellness into your outdoor space - inspiration from your favourite places.

Our Wellness Journal brings you inspiring ideas for your home, indoors and out, so you can create functional spaces for self care - ultimately creating overall wellness. It's Spring so my mind moves outdoors to reap the bounties of nature.

This week we are featuring dining and entertaining inspiration from locations like Scotland, Greece (lots from Greece), Italy, Australia, South Carolina and some Canadian inspiration as well.

The more you look for inspiration around the world the more you realize that there are definite style trends in each location. I find this spectacular because it allows you to mimic your favourite vacation spots right in your backyard. Each time you see your space it will trigger positive memories - your breath that you were holding will release, a smile will cross your face, and your body will just let go of the tenseness it was clinging to - a recipe for wellness. My favourite spot is Cape Cod. I could look Australia, Scotland or even Nova Scotia for inspiration. Where would you look?

You'll see that food can really be set up anywhere. Here in Australia they gather around the coffee table and fire. Soft browns and whites are put together to create a relaxing back drop.

What I discovered about Scotland is that their design is simple and disappears into its surroundings. With it, the focus of attention becomes nature.

Dinner can be served at the table or casually at the bar, looking into the kitchen in Australia. A glass railing separates the dining from the backyard to take full advantage of the view that Mother Nature provides.

It doesn't take a lot to create a space to enjoy the view while having a quick snack or small dinner in Greece. You may have noticed a pattern in coastal design - white is used for furniture to blend in so that your eye is led to the spectacular view. The furniture here is placed mimicking CAFÉ TERRACES to take full advantage of the view. What would bring you wellness? Colourful chairs and table, or the ocean in Greece?

London reminds me of traditional green gardens. So it's no surprise that when I looked for inspiration, I found white furniture against a vibrant green backdrop.

Greece again. In an earlier journal entry I talked about putting a table against a window to allow you to work from home with a view to nature. Often, ideas from indoors transfer to outdoors, especially with this view. I wouldn't want to look anywhere else!

My family has visited Nova Scotia a few times. Out of all the locations we have been, I've never felt closer to heaven. Nova Scotia is authentic, comfortable, relaxed and definitely farm to table - natural and fresh which all translates to their design.

You can set up a casual dinner or picnic in any location... even a patio. And if you don't have a patio, hopefully you have a park close by.

White white white in Greece. With Mother Nature's greens as an accent. It's so simple, but soothing and so pretty.


inspired by the coast

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