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Design ideas from around the world - inspiring outdoor spaces for self care.

My mission is to bring you inspiring ideas for your home, indoors and out, so you can create functional spaces for self care. It's Spring so my mind moves outdoors. We don't get a lot of warm weather in Collingwood, Canada, so I like to make the most of the warmth and spend as much time outside to reap the bounties of nature.

Every Spring, I reminisce about the previous season. I think about the time spent in my backyard. How we, me and my family, used our backyard. How our lives have changed since then. How I've changed. And this year, how the entire world has changed. Because life evolves, it's natural for your home to evolve. I want my outdoor space to better accommodate my family and my wellness. When I decide what needs to change, I look for inspiration. But sometimes you have to move away from home to get inspired.

This week I've gone around the world to get inspiration for outdoor living. You may not be able to bring all the materials into our colder climate, however, you can find materials here to simulate the look. If you need help with this, send me a note. I am more then willing to help you out in the spirit of bringing wellness to all through design. The more you look for inspiration around the world the more you realize that there are definite style trends in each location. This allows you to mimic your favourite vacation spots in your backyard. Which creates a recipe for wellness.

This outdoor room is in Greece. They bring in materials to compliment the coast. Natural woods form the base of the furniture, a relaxed white used for fabric, light coloured stone for the flooring and the accessories are simple and clean. These materials mimic sand, driftwood, stone and the simplicity of the coast.

This outdoor room inspiration was found in Australia. Notice the similarities to the room above. Natural light woods. Whites. Simple design. But they've added the sea grass area rug which delineates the space from other rooms in your backyard and adds a bit of fun.

I found this room in Italy. Creating an pergola around a room allows you to add lighting soyou can spend evenings outside for quiet reading by the fire or entertaining. Small cylinder tables are used instead of one coffee table which allows them to be moved to different areas making it more convenient for family members or guests to use.

Bali uses warm coloured woods with yellow tones. They use their climate to its full potential planting lush green plants as a backdrop to their outdoor space.

It's hard to tell here what is inside or outside. The benefits of a warm climate! Dark woods and plants contrast white fabrics and paint in Singapore. Their design uses a lot of hard lines as you can see in their cushions and furniture.

Note to self: I really have to add this to my vision board - a pool right outside my bedroom.

Close in proximity to Bali is Thailand. They also contrast dark woods and plants with light fabrics. Their furniture has a low profile influenced by Japan.

I have come to the conclusion that I love Australia design. The grey tones of their wood. Their soft whites. And they use accessories and plants to add bursts of coastal colour.

I want to draw attention to their outdoor design, in that they design their outdoor spaces as if they were indoors. A couch, chairs, cushions, coffee table, end table, plants and art....yes, you can do that in Canada.

I love the artwork that they have hung above their couch - it grounds the room to the house.

No so far away, is this room in South Carolina. The wonderful thing about white is that you can completely change the vibe of the room by switching out pillows, vases and plants. Although I'm a cool blue ocean person, the green is very fresh and upbeat.


inspired by the coast

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