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Coastal home dreaming through Winter - seamless indoor outdoor living.

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

I start to get impatient for spring when you have one or two nice days, then it's cold again. Some may say... "this is our last winter blast", but you realize it's unlikely.

The perfect healing medicine is looming right outside our door, that's according to many healing traditions. When you're walking on a beach, hiking through a forest or just sitting outside in your backyard, calm floods in and sun light makes you feel alive.

We may not have many days of sunlight, but we can do our best to do whatever it takes to keep going through to Spring. I do this through coastal home dreaming.

In this four part blog series, I will share my favourite coastal homes. This second article features homes that have done such a lovely job extending their indoor living space outside. And hopefully, like me, just looking at these homes will bring you a bit of escape from the winter.

I was very particular on the first coastal space featured... this space won out. I think they do the such a lovely job... mimicking the wood floor inside, ensuring a clear line of site to the backyard using low furniture and whites, opening the home with wall to wall open windows, and bringing greenery inside, breathing life to the space indoors. How soothing.

Image: Three Birds Renovation

I love how the yellow tones of the wood floor extend to the deck, and even the fence. The islands' white colour extends to the planter box outside holding what looks to be Boxwood.


When pulling indoor colours outside, it creates an illusion that your indoor space is larger.


Seamless neutral colours. If the photo didn't show a ceiling, I'd wonder which side was indoors and which was outdoors. Somedays, I'd really love to live down south where this much seamlessness is possible. Image: Contemporist

A complete line of site to the backyard with cornering floor to ceiling windows certainly ensures an easy transition from one space to the next.

Image: Planete Deco

Image: Southern Home Magazine

In many instances, similar material is used to create a seamless look. Like tile inside, and matching stone outside. Or wood floors inside, and matching composite outside. Here, the materials are so different, but they are similar in colour and style, so it works. The stones bring out a relaxing coastal vibe and the textures of the materials make the space feel so cozy.

Image: Homes to Love

The floors here look identical. The blue accessories and the blue striped fabric carry from the indoor to the outdoor living space.

Image: Trend House

I must say that I'm absolutely in love with Three Birds Renovation and their products. Their spaces bring me such tranquility and calm.

Image: Three Birds Renovation

Once again, you'll see that this design has carried the colour and material of their wood floors to the wood deck and deck railing. There are even similar tones in the wood bench at the end of their bed.

Image: One Kind Design


inspired by the coast

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