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Coastal dreaming - escape using nature.

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

I believe winter gets harder when you have one or two nice days, then it's cold again. And when you look at your calendar, you realize you have two or even three more months of snow, slush and cold.

The perfect healing medicine is looming right outside our door, that's according to many healing traditions. When you're walking on a beach, hiking through a forest or just sitting outside in your backyard, calm floods in and any sun light makes you come alive.

We may not have many days of sunlight, but we can do our best to do whatever it takes to keep going through to Spring. I do this through coastal home dreaming.

In this four part blog series, I will share my favourite coastal homes. The first article features homes that have done such a lovely job using windows and doors wherever possible to bring nature, the perfect healing medicine, indoors. And Hopefully, like me, just looking at these homes will bring you a bit of escape from the winter.

White walls, white ceilings white chairs, white sofas, all the white allows your eyes to pass over the furniture to see what's outside. Image: Coastal Living

The glass railing on the deck, above, allows for a full view of the coast. Simplicity in the interior design allows you to focus on nature, and its healing benefits.

I think all bathrooms should have windows over their bath. The calm... or even the excitement of nature, paired with the calm of bath water, could only amount to peace. Dropping the window below the tub gives the impression that the whole space opens up to the beach.

Image: Bath Kenzie Magazine

Bedroom privacy, left, can be obtained through window coverings. I know I would have the curtains open all the time... imagine watching a storm on a late summer evening.

Image: Casa Vogue

The height of the tree has such a substantial impact. Nature inside, paired with nature outside, amounts to peace, tranquility and life.


Furniture and its placement is integral when planning to spend hours watching the view. Here, right, chairs are placed to watch from all angles and for relaxed conversation.

Image: Chic White Beach House Ideas

I'm not sure who wouldn't love windows surrounding their bed, and the ability to walk outside from their bedroom to breathe in fresh air.

Image: Architectural Digest

Transom windows capture more light when the sun is high. And give more visibility for star gazing.

I love the chaise lounge, left, along the windows. What a perfect place to read a book or have a morning coffee watching the sun come up.

Image: Eva Designs

Most of these homes have leveraged a full wall of windows, cornering windows or transom windows to bring nature and sun light indoors. As I sit in my kitchen with cornering windows and a transom window allowing sunlight to bathe in during the middle of the winter I think... just make sure you have window treatments for optimal energy conservation. :)

Image: The Lilypad Cottage


inspired by the coast.

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