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Best ways to brighten winter blues through coastal home design. Live Life inspired by the coast.

Dark clouds consuming the sky. Days, if not weeks without sun. Winter affects our mood. So how do we ever get through it unscathed?

The coast rescues me from dreary days, noise and overstimulation. Sun and sand might not be on your doorstep right now, but you can create a home that surrounds you with the best of the coast providing you with a sanctuary in the middle of chaos.

This article is the first of a three-part series where Coastal Life use elements of coastal design to brighten up your winter blues. The first uses natural light and nature.

Abundant light reflects off white washed walls.

Cornering windows with a transom window capture mid-day and afternoon daylight. The white coloured walls reflect the incoming light, brightening the room. If the walls were dark, the colour would absorb the light rather than reflect it.

Nature appears closer with white windows frames.

The light coloured window frames above allow a seamlessness between inside and out, whereas the dark windows, left, frame the view and act as a separation to nature. Dark frames also frame the view like artwork.

Photograph: Plank and Pillow

Windows flood the kitchen with light.

This room was opened up to create a line of site from the front hall to the back door. This allowed us to add windows wherever we could to brighten up the areas where the homeowners spend most of their time.

Light and views brighten up routine tasks.

A window was added above the sink to bring joy to a routine task.

Sleeping among the trees.

Two windows were added in the master bedroom so the homeowners could feel like they're sleeping among the trees. They also allow a spectacular view of the sunset.

Self care.

We ensured that a large window was included in a master ensuite addition. It rests at tub level and expands up, to bring the owner peace, thoughtfulness and the beauty of sunsets.

A healthy way to start the day.

A window in the master shower was added to bring a connection to nature and allow daydreaming and brainstorming.

LIVE LIFE inspired by the coast.

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