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A break from Covid-19... some coastal home dreaming.

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Being at home DOES NOT cause me anxiety... it actually brings so much peace and tranquility. I got up from my office space this morning to get a coffee, I looked around and had a sigh of relief and sense of comfort during what could be a very anxious time. We are in self isolation. My daughter has a fever and cough. And we had a vacation planned... lots of laughs.

My attitude is positive because there's really no sense worrying or getting upset... it's beyond our control. But what I can control is our self care and my surroundings. Our surroundings bring us wellness, that's according to many ancient healing practices. My approach is simple, clean, clutter free, comfortable, natural materials, and sun bleached whites. And of course plants and accessories to bring a bit of colour and a lot of life. My vision of coastal.

So, if you had to cancel a vacation down south, or if you just need a bit of a break from what's going on outside your door, I've curated some of my favourite coastal homes so that you can dream of being down south. And if you want to make this dream a reality... start living your life inspired by the coast.

I have been eager to design a kitchen with a coastal blue island. I think it highlights an important function of the kitchen that brings self care... gathering with family and friends.

Image: Crafts Post

Plants bring life to any space. It's a small addition that can dramatically change a room.

Image: Floral

Blues convey water. Water conveys peace and silence. It's all about creating certain feelings while you are at home. Find what brings you peace then use it as inspiration.

Image: Life on Virginia Street

This is certainly an efficient use of space. Doesn't is motivate you to get a good book to cuddle up with? Create spaces that are functional... the most important function that you should include in your home is self care - yoga, meditation, reading, bird watching, movies, cycling, running... whatever brings you peace.

Image: 11 Mulberry

Yes, even a hallway can say comfort, calm and self care.

Image: Home Bunch

Natural colour. Bright sun bleached whites. Comfort through pillows. If you are looking to go coastal, these are three key elements of coastal design.

Image: Feast Home

Some elements of design are trendy. Polished chrome, nickel or brass. They've all been fashionable at one time or another. I seek timeless. That way, you're not worried about renovating every few years... stressful. What I like about this pendant lamp is it's a subtle brass colour and it picks up the yellow of the natural wood and rattan. Brass now becomes timeless.

Image: Beach Pretty

As we get older, sleep becomes more and more challenging, that why it is sooo important to create a sanctuary in your bedroom to create a peaceful rest. Asleep or not.

Image: Home Fashion Trend

Couldn't you stay 2 weeks in this room? I could. A good book, coffee, a glass of wine or a good magazine. It screams self care for me.

Image: Uniqwa Furniture


inspired by the coast

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