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Be mindful of the products you use to build and furnish your home to minimize any harm to the environment or your health. Many products contain harmful chemicals that negatively impact physical & mental health. So Green Design is crucial to create a home that supports your well-being.

Although it may not be possible yet to completely eliminate all toxins, biophilic design will help out. It brings nature close. You gain the emotional benefits of 'Earth' and the physical benefits of plants removing toxins from the air. 




Minimize any harm to the environment or your health by minimizing the negative affects that products and furnishings can have on your physical & mental health. Green Design is crucial to create a home that supports your well-being.


Water Conservation

Conserve water through the use of native plants (plants that naturally grow in your plant zone), capturing rain water for re use or doing small things like a low flow shower head or loo.

Biophilic Design

The closer you get to nature the more emotional and physical benefits you gain. Plants alone can increase energy, concentration & memory, and accelerate the healing process.

Credit: Balanced Home Balanced Life


Air Quality

Chemicals in products and furnishings affects our air quality. Improve it by including plants, 2-3 per room, throughout your home. Look specifically for plants that remove toxins from the air.

Energy Efficiency

Consider using innovative technology like hydronic floor heating, solar electricity or even the latest version of smart home design to conserve energy and money. 

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Waste Reduction

Reduce waste by purchasing high quality timeless furniture and styling or consider giving new life to items you already possess - like staining that antique console table that is currently painted black. 

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