Balance the 4 elements of nature

emotional bodies (water) and spiritual essence (fire). We can bring ourselves back in balance by consciously bringing the four elements of self into awareness. We can do this by integrating them purposely through our home, setting into motion our healing & integration. 

The elements of earth, air, water and fire are necessary for life to exist. Many spiritual traditions believe that when we align with the four classical elements, we bring balance, satisfaction and joy to our lives. But currently, we tend to focus on our minds (air) and physical bodies (earth), and ignore other elements - like our 


Plan for seamlessness between indoors and out, design outdoors like it was in, and add an abundance of indoor plants.


Wherever possible, let light stream into your home through an abundance of windows and doors. Let the light reflect off the walls with light paint colours. 


Integrate water throughout the indoor and outdoor design of your home. 


Include fireplaces in expected & unexpected places like your bathroom or by your pool

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