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Biophilic design is increasingly used to support well-being by increasing one's connection to nature in the home and the use of natural elements like daylight, plants, water, and exposed wood. These elements have been attributed to supporting well-being—from reducing stress to boosting productivity


Nature in the Space

Add or integrate natural elements into your home like potted plants and trees. Create expansive views to nature from windows and doors. And ensure a seamless extension of your indoor space to your outdoor space. These direct connections to nature have the strongest impact on us as humans.

Brillinger Family Room Earth_edited.jpg

Nature Analogues

Include objects, materials, colours, and patterns found in nature in order to trigger feelings and emotions of being in nature. I'm often inspired by the coast since it brings so many of us peace. So I include accessories that mimic smooth warn surfaces like sea glass, cool blues of the water, or natural fibres like sand. 

Nature of the Space

The creation of spaces that resemble what humans seek when in nature. Nature entices us to explore, it inspires us to seek refuge, and temps us in an element of risk. So introduce views to broad expanses, create a cozy corner for a good read, or include elements like an infinity pool.  

Brillinger March 2021-16_edited.png
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