Chaos. Noise. Overstimulation. All are words that describe how most people feel living in today's world.

Your home can be a space to recover, triggering feelings of rest, peace, and joy. Your sanctuary to lower stress, relieve anxiety and depression, improve mental clarity and focus. 

Our passion is to inspire or help you design a home that brings you calm and ease - a foundation for well-being in the middle of today's chaos.

How we design


All good things come from a lot of research. We use our education and experience in psychology and pair it with a strong relationship with the home owners' to help us understand how each family wants and needs to use their home. We then combine it with current research on health and wellness.  This design becomes the starting point for collaboration between us and the home owners to create their wellness inspired home.

Design that encourages wellness.


Most of us thrive in summers and struggle in Winters. Winter brings an imbalance, but it’s not just the Winter. Many philosophies believe there are four elements – earth, air, water and fire - and when in balance they bring health and joy.

Each of us need a unique amount of each of properties and when this doesn't happen, we experience feelings like burnout, aloofness, insecurity and more. Knowing this, we can help balance the elements that surround you - and the best place to do this is our home.


Be mindful of the products you use to build and furnish your home to minimize any harm to the environment or your health. Many products contain harmful chemicals that negatively impact physical & mental health. So Green Design is crucial to create a home that supports your well-being.

Although it may not be possible yet to completely eliminate all toxins, biophilic design will help out. It brings nature close. You gain the emotional benefits of 'Earth' and the physical benefits of plants removing toxins from the air. 


Have you ever wondered why millions flock to the coast for their holiday? It’s because "our brains are hardwired to react positively to water and that being in it, on it, and near it can connect us, heal the mind and body and help tap into the most calm and creative state of being". W. J. Nichols, Blue Mind

I believe that we should live in this peace for more than 7 days a year. Peace should be constant state of mind and body. That’s why use our design experience and pair it with inspiration from the coast to design all of our homes.