"We all need a place where we can find our centre, now more than ever."

Chaos. Noise. Overstimulation. Overrun with emotions. Words that describe how most people feel living in today's world.

Creating an environment that brings calm and ease is extremely important, now more than ever. 

Nature provides the healing that most of us need. And we are uniquely drawn to certain elements of nature that bring calm and ease. 

At Coastal Life we are drawn to the coast. So we echo coastal elements in all aspects of our home design to trigger the same sense of being that we experience when on the coast - stillness, lightness and space.

Our mission at Coastal Life is to inspire people around the world to design their homes to bring calm and ease, creating a foundation for well-being in the middle of today's chaos. 

How we design

We discover what brings you peace. 

Being close to nature brings peace, simplicity and comfort. Often just looking at a photo, drawing or painting of nature can shift your mood and make it that much easier to breathe. Now, imagine being surrounded by nature every day, surrounded by the very thing that brings you peace. 

We use the place where you find peace to inspire our vision and it steers us in the right direction for all design decisions.

We understand your behaviours & needs

We use our education and experience in psychology to understand how you and your family want and need to use your home.  This becomes the foundation for living that inspires wellness. 

We take our design direction from the coast. 

We marry coastal design, relaxed comfort, easy living, and timelessness with your needs and your favourite place to create a home that inspires wellness, regardless of what's going on outside your door. 


inspired by the coast

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