Create a plan for self care


Be still. Watch nature. Listen to the birds sing. Feel the wind whisper over your skin. Breathe.

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Decrease stress, anxiety, memory loss. Improve sleep, attention span and kindness. healthline

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Decrease stress, anxiety and inflammation. Promote sleep quality, heart health, strength and range of motion. healthline

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Improve happiness, bone density, energy levels, sleep quality, brain health and memory. Decrease pain. healthline

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Improve brain function, empathy, sleep and life span. Decrease stress. healthline

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Improve mood, sense of well-being, creativity, memory and a sense of gratitude. Reduce depression and stress. PositivePsychology 

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Improves concentration, fine motor skills, creativity, self confidence and positivity. HealthFitnessRevolution

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Promotes happiness, creativity and concentration. Reduces stress. Borrowed Notes

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Family & Friends

Time together among positive family relationships can increase self-esteem,, optimism and well-being, particularly in children. National Library of Medicine

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A Restful Sleep

There are steps you can take to improve your sleep. It will improves alertness and memory and reduce stress, inflammation, and depression. Very Well Health Click image for article on preparing for a great sleep.

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Promotes mood, attention, intention, compassion and awareness. Reduces stress. News in Health

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Time alone improves empathy, creativity, happiness, and satisfaction with life while reducing stress and depression. Forbes

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Cooking Baking

Improves creativity, well-being, mindfulness, happiness and altruism. Reduce stress. Huffington Post

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Improve mindfulness & intention. Reduce stress.

Complete WellBeing

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