Design direction from the coast

If I were to ask you, where is your favourite place? Where are you drawn to? You'd be able to answer me in seconds. You could envision that place clearly in your mind and doing that would trigger all of the positive affects of being there.

Me and so many others are drawn to the coast. When on, in or near water, I feel part of the greater universe. I'm more connected to myself, the earth and whomever I'm with. The more connected I feel, the more joyful, peaceful and calm I am. And it's no surprise that

studies have shown that water can lower stress levels, relieve mild anxiety, pain and depression, improve mental clarity and focus, and better sleep quality. Walter J. Nichols, Blue Mind

When you design your home with cues from the coast, all of a sudden your home will trigger all of those emotions that you get every time you visit. Imagine if you could feel like that every single moment of every single day? We want that for everyone. 


Sun bleached whites complimented with ocean coloured accents in accessories like pillows, art, flowers or blankets.

Credit: Design Seeds


Smooth warn surfaces like those found in driftwood, sea glass and shells, and natural fibres that emulate sand.


Simple patterns, like stripes. If you want to express your personality and include things like whales and birds, keep it simple - you would only see a few birds flying above the ocean, not a swarm. 


Light, open, airy. The coast is minimalist, keep only what you need and brings your true joy.