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It's so important to have ways of coping with stress. There are many ways to relieve stress and among them is to look to the five senses for instant or progressive relief. 



Skin is the largest organ in our body and is sensitive to stimulus. It's a powerful tool to relax, unwind and find relief, making the bathroom important for self-care. Also, consider the texture of your finishings, focus on those that'll calm & soothe.Credit: VeryWellMind, Pottery Barn

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Aromas can help manage stress. Bring scents to your home through plants or diffusers with essential oils. Lavender helps relax, peppermint and sweet orange decrease fatigue and help with focus, pine boosts energy, while lime boosts your mood. Credit: Healthline


Colour, patterns and textures all play a part in providing you with a home where you can find your centre. Simplicity, or lack of clutter, also plays a part in regulating stress. 

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Your sense of sound is just as important in wellness as the other senses.  Music has become a recommended treatment for people with depression, anxiety, and stress - creating, playing or just listening. 


There's something to be said for comfort food. But there's a fine line between comfort food and emotional eating. I walk that line constantly. Consider items like dinnerware as part of your design details. An inviting cozy saucer will coax you into having a cup of tea instead of that donut. Credit: Denby Pottery

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